Meet me on the deep net

This is a tiny story about two strangers finding a way to each other without revealing who & where they are, and the rituals of trust they perform.

This is a game about network rendezvous and finding the drama in protocols.


  1. lizz thabet is: an artist, programmer, powerlifter, cyclist, aspiring teacher
  2. also, an ongoing student of: photography, publishing, poetic computation, too many other things to list
  3. also, makes: wearables, drawings, books, sculptures, softwares
  4. lately, has been thinking about:
    • ways to disinvest from extractive everyday technologies
    • refusals, sabotage, and illegibility as strategies for resistance
    • living entangled and moving beyond an individual scale of change
  5. lately, has been doing:
    • teaching about privacy-centric tools on the web and self-hosting websites
    • making speculative camouflage suits based on her neighborhood
    • collaborating on a tiny zine about cycling in nyc
  6. often, is on the internet at